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We look forward to doing business with you. If you have any special needs, please call to discuss Click on specific link below for printable lab slip, business reply label or credit application and policies

US Postal Label Crown and Bridge Lab Slip
Orthodontic Lab Slip Credit Application

Shipping /RX forms

We use Lone Star Overnight for all of Texas and some of Oklahoma and Louisiana delivery.

Outside of this region you can print one of our Business Reply Labels , box your appliances and place in regular mail ,we should receive it in one to two business days. These cases will be mailed back either USPS OR UPS depending upon the area your office is in.

Please allow 5 working days in the lab for orthodontic appliances. Please allow 10 working days in the lab for all crown and bridge

Accounts over $300.00 per month will receive FREE PICKUP AND DELIVERY. Accounts under $300.00 per month will be charged $5.00 per box each way. Please fill out the lab slips legibly and correctly( I.E. correct color, office location, and any special instructions.)

Please put 1 day before the actual due date on lab slip

We have an open door policy- feel free to come by or call with any feedback that will help us do great business together.



Functional appliances are used to control muscle activity from the tongue

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Night Guards

Clenching the jaw together compresses the TMJ(tempromandibular joint).

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Crown & Bridge

Crown & Bridge

A wide range of laboratory products and services.

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Retainers are the time to “set in stone” your final treatment.

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